Dear Parents and Carers


Returning to school in September 2020


Over the past few months the circumstances around coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a challenge for everyone: children, young people, parents/carers and school staff. Normal life has been disrupted in a way that most people have never experienced before. There are still many challenges ahead, but we are slowly starting to see some parts of life return to some normality.


The number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases has reduced significantly and so the government has now asked all schools to plan for all children and young people, in all year groups, to return to school from the beginning of the autumn term and so we are planning for our school to open at the start of September. Please note, that the government will make a final decision on this on 11th August.


The safety, wellbeing and educational experience for your child is our highest priority and so we are making detailed plans for welcoming them into our school environment for September.

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