Older pupils receive good career guidance from an external agency. School staff are very committed to matching pupils to continuing education or work placements which meet their needs and interests. After pupils leave the school, staff provide support where necessary to maintain successful placements. Links with parents and carers speak extremely positively about the support the school provides to them, of the work of the pastoral staff and of the staff in The Spinney. Parents and carers feel the school makes a strong contribution to keeping their boys out of trouble and in preparing them for their future lives. (Ofsted 2016)

At The Spinney, the curriculum is designed to prepare pupils for life as independent learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. We endeavour to provide all students with a range of opportunities to participate in a vocational environment and help them prepare for Post 16.

All students at The Spinney are interviewed so that pathways can be tailored to encourage participation in College programmes and Apprenticeships.Extensive careers support and guidance are available through planned visits to colleges, work placements and discussions with our Careers Adviser, Lynda Griggs.


"My role as Careers Adviser at Woodfield School is to support pupils transition to post 16 learning activities.  This work includes meeting with individual pupils to identify their ideas and interests in order to match them with appropriate provision. As part of my work I liaise with school staff, Training Providers and local colleges as well as other professionals to ensure a smooth, well planned transition to post 16 learning." - Lynda Griggs                                               



A student attending a 'taster session' at Henley College.

A taste of catering at Henley College! A healthy, summery dish prepared by one of our students.


Leavers' Destinations

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City College

Henley College

Positive Youth Foundation

Hereward College

North Warwickshire & Hinckley College

Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell

Values Academy, Nuneaton