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Students visited London to help them with a variety of curriculum areas. They visited attractions including the National History Museum, Tate Modern and the Christmas Market. See what they got up to below!

The Natural History Museum

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Tate Modern

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Christmas Market

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London 2018 (20 images)

Spinney students visit London!

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Remembrance Day

We have been learning all about why we commemorate Remembrance Day. We thought about the sacrifices made by "boy soldiers" who risked and sometimes gave their lives in war. 

An extract taken from a Year 11 student's writing about why a boy soldier may have enlisted:

250 boy soldiers enlisted for war. Why did such young, brave, naive boys enrol for such a bloody, traumatic, tragic and horrific experience?

Imagine being this 15 years old who is living in dreadful poverty, grim conditions and suffering from awful neglect. Every day you are endlessly abused at home and at school. Bruised. Battered. Wouldn’t you be sick of this life? 

War seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on a holiday to France; a once in a lifetime opportunity to be released from a never ending battle at home and at school. This young, brave and naive boy named Keith couldn’t wait to enlist on this exciting trip!

First he would sail through the huge waves crashing against the side of the boat. As soon as he got to shore, he would be able to see a new place and try new things. He was really excited about eating snails and frogs but he was most excited about seeing the beautiful landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe and especially, the Eiffel Tower! 

In reality, war was far from what this young boy imagined… As soon as he arrived in France, he soon realised that war was not as it seemed. He saw the grim, gory and traumatic sights as he stepped off the boat and onto the battlefield…



A poem produced by a Year 11 student:


Lyrics created by a Year 11 student (video rehearsals are underway!):

Yo, I’m gonna tell you about the war,

Youngsters on the front line,

I dread to think what they saw.

The Government hiding records,

The young lives of 15, 16, 17 and more,

It’s mad what some were sacrificed for.

They’d say the postman never came with good news,

There were lies, death, promises too.


Imagine witnessin’ your mate being shot or blown up,

The dead bodies linger through the dusk,

Some were starving, drained,  had enough.

Innocent young soldiers dying each day,

Yeah there were more rifles, tanks, helicopters on the way.

Others got exploded straight in their face.


Now let me take you back a page,

When the Government said,

You couldn’t join if you were under age,

Just think of what their poor family may say,

They don’t hear from the soldiers’ every day,

In fact once a month they might get a letter coming their way.


Imagine their Mum and family,

They want to know if their son’s ok.

But it’s got worse for some families when they found out their relative’s dead.

Just think what’s going through that mother’s head.

Some went to get away from home,

But others did it because they wanted to be the hero!

'Our Cov'

City Of Culture 2021

Coventry has won the title of UK City of Culture for 2021 so we have been busy exploring our city which has inspired our work in school...

Coventry Cathedral


Outdoor Adventure

Horse Riding

Art Exhibitions