Stoneleigh Road


Welcome to Woodfield School, Stoneleigh Road site.

Stoneleigh Road site caters for 64 pupils across Key Stage 1 and 2. We offer a full, differentiated, creative curriculum. OSTED said “Primary topics are lively and designed to interest pupils in learning. Sport and performing arts are particular strengths. Pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is very strong. “ We have 8 classes of 8 pupils. Each class has a Teacher and a Teaching assistant. We have a fantastic Intervention team and a great behaviour mentor. All staff work really hard together as a team.

Staff have excellent understanding of pupils differing needs. All staff choose to work at Woodfield and enjoy seeing pupils grow in confidence and self-esteem. OFSTED said “The quality of teaching at the Primary site is never less than good and a significant proportion is outstanding.” Stoneleigh Road is situated on a wonderful site. Pupils have space where they can learn to play safely. We encourage active learning and have recently developed a great forest schools area.

We are a very busy but friendly school. We encourage visitors to have a look round; we have several pupils who love to be a tour guide! Parents and carers have commented that Woodfield school has “changed their lives for the better!”

Looking through our comments book, several parents have left messages that should be shared!

“A wonderful school! Thank you for giving my son the best start in life! He has learned so much with your support”

“Today, I’ve been to watch sports day. I left in tears at the end, not only because I saw my Grandson take part, but how proud and happy he was. To see all the children, their joy and excitement was clear to see.”



Words are not enough to express how grateful and thankful we are for your hard work.”

“The school and staff do an amazing job. My son has coped here better than anywhere. I would recommend Woodfield to anyone.”