Behaviour & Rewards

Behaviour Management


  • At Woodfield, we have highly trained staff that have a strong understanding of a large range of conditions or situations that can affect a child's social or educational understanding, as well as inhibit or impact upon their social interaction. 

  • We are currently embedding a Thrive approach. This approach draws upon advances in neuroscience and child development theories to provide a powerful way of working with children and young people. It supports optimal and measurable social and emotional development, resulting in a calmer more understanding perspective when dealing with challenging behaviour.

  • When challenging behaviour arises, the school benefits from eminently experienced and qualified practitioners of team teach. This awards winning de-escalation approach focusses an emphasis on the use of verbal and non-verbal de-escalation  strategies that encourage and enable children to understand and regulate their emotions. When children's behaviour does become unsafe, it promotes the least intrusive positive handling strategy and a continuum of gradual and graded techniques. 

  • The school ethos is centred around clear well embedded routines and structures that are consistent throughout the school. During a recent pupil view survey, 98% of children either agreed strongly or didn't disagree that positive behaviour was recognised and rewarded well. The high use of rewards and positive reinforcement heavily outweigh any negativity during approaches to behaviour management.  When displaying challenging behaviour, 95% of children at the school never felt unfairly treated and recognised that professionals around the school keep them safe. 



We use Class Dojo as our reward system where the children will earn points throughout the day. For each part of the day there is a set amount of points available, we do not take points away as once they are earnt they belong to them. 

The points that they earn are then saved up for our school shop where they can choose to spend or save their points. We offer a range of prizes and experiences and encourage the children to learn to save points as they will receive better prizes/experiences the more they save. 

Example of prizes on offer

  • Pizza and afternoon off work.
  • Hats & Caps
  • Stationery
  • Swimming Goggles
  • Sports Equipment
  • Craft activities