Design Technology


Design Technology Department


Students will design and manufacture a range of products using Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), timber, metal and plastics. They are encouraged to produce designs and form a plan before they start making their product.

They are taught through six units a year, with an emphasis on learning practical skills and are encouraged to combine skills to make a product, such as electronics, resistant materials and even when appropriate the use of textiles. Traditional hand tool skills will still play a fundamental role in the students’ development of their own creative designs.



At KS4, students follow a Level 2 Award in Construction.

This comprises a great deal of hands on learning, as well as a unit looking at how the built environment is planned and uses a students maths, problem solving and communication skills. In the practical element students look at carpentry, electrical and plumbing skills, and we usually have a good showing for the Annual Rotary Awards, competing against other schools in Coventry.

In the Summer of both Year 10 and 11, the students sit a written or onscreen exam looking at Health, Safety and Security on Construction sites.

As well as offering a gateway to more specialised routes in the Construction Crafts, students also learn essential life skills for when they have a place of their own.


The Department Ethos

We strive to instil in all of our students the following capabilities:

To develop design and making skills.
To develop knowledge and understanding of materials and components; systems and control.
To develop a critical understanding of technological processes, products and their manufacture.
To be able to apply knowledge and understanding from across the curriculum.
To explore values about and attitudes to the world and how we live, work and interact with it.
To prepare for making a contribution to life and work in a technological society.



Design Technology Curriculum Plan