The Science Department aims to encourage and support each pupil to reach their full potential. We aim to achieve this by stimulating in pupils an interest in and enjoyment of science which will enable them to understand its relevance to social, economic, environmental, technological, ethical and cultural issues.

During Key Stage 3 pupils build on their scientific knowledge and understanding and develop a range of new skills through practical investigative work. Progress is regularly monitored through practical activities, classwork, homework and assessments.

KS3 Curriculum Plan

Key stage 4

Science in KS4 aims to allow students to develop essential knowledge and understanding of key concepts in science.  Stimulating curiosity about the world around them, it enables students to develop and evaluate explanations through experimental evidence and modelling.  There are a range of courses offered including;  Entry Level,  Level  1, GCSE Biology and a Double award GCSE so all students are able to progress onto the most appropriate qualification for their ability.   Practical experience in the laboratory and a range of off-site educational visits are also utilised to further engage and enthuse pupils.

KS4 Curriculum Map